Our biospecimen repository stands as a testament to years of meticulous curation and features a readily accessible collection of biosamples for research.

Since 2006, our consortium of hospital-integrated tissue banks has collected material from about 40,000 patients across multiple tumour streams. Comprising a wide range of banked donor tissue and blood derivatives, each sample is accompanied by matched basic clinical data, offering researchers a wealth of information and insights.

The VCB operates under Canadian Translational Repository Network (CTRNet) certification program and in accordance with the best practices of the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER), ensuring the samples are of high quality and integrity.

To further support your research, we offer additional services. Explore the possibilities of our biospecimen archive using our specimen catalogue. For a price list, please refer to our product table.

Specimen Catalogue

Our interactive Specimen Catalogue is a real-time inventory of our biospecimen availability at different anatomical sites. Select the criteria of interest for your project and filter for sample availability.

Disclaimer: As the catalogue is a real-time data, missing data may occur from legacy samples but are available upon request.

Instructions for Specimen Catalogue 

Step 1: Select search criteria: Click on > in the relevant filters. Tick to select the value or type in Search Filter Value. Filters selected can be removed by clicking on X next to the filter name or untick the specific value from the filter.

Step 2: Screenshot the query result for biospecimens of interest.

Step 3: Send us an enquiry with the screenshot and your request.

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Cost Recovery Schedule

Administration Services
Item Unit Academic Partner Commercial
Project Feasibility Assessment  per hour $100 $80 $150
Project Application Fee per application $330 $265 $1,650
Project Amendment Fee per amendment $180 $145 $360
Serum (250ul) per specimen $30 $25 $150
Plasma (250ul) per specimen $30 $25 $150
Buffy Coat per specimen $35 $30 $175
PBMNC per specimen $60 $50 $300
Snap Frozen Tissue per specimen $95 $75 $475
FFPE Slide (4mm), 1st slide per specimen $30 $25 $150
FFPE Slide (4mm), thereafter per specimen $14 $10 $70
H&E slide, 1st slide per specimen Complimentary Complimentary Complimentary
H&E slide, thereafter per specimen $30 $25 $150
FFPE/OCT Scroll (10mm) per specimen $35 $30 $175
TMA slide per slide $130 $105 $650


Associated Clinical Data
Data Bundle: 1st and 2nd items full price (higher price items), remaining items are charged at 50%.
Item Unit Academic Partner Commercial
De-identified pathology report per item Complimentary Complimentary Complimentary
Staging per item $14 $12 $29
Diagnostic Markers per item $14 $12 $29
Smoking History* per item $14 $12 $29
Cancer History# per item $14 $12 $29
Female Reproductive History per item $14 $12 $29
Height, Weight, BMI per item $14 $12 $29
PSA History per item $14 $12 $29
CEA History per item $14 $12 $29
Treatment Data per item $22 $17 $43
Medication* per item $22 $17 $43
Comorbidities* per item $22 $17 $43
Follow up Status per item $22 $17 $43
Survival Status per item $22 $17 $43


All prices are in AUD and exclusive of GST.

Partner rate applies to partners only (e.g. consortium members), please contact us if you are not sure.

Commercial rate applies to any projects that have direct commercial interest.

Listed pricing are for standard products and services as per description, any further specific requirements (e.g. special slide, data in different format) are subject to negotiation and may incur additonal charges.

All products are procured and provided under VCB ethics governance (i.e. recruited through VCB Consent Form).

Selection of biospecimen from difficult to collect cohorts will incur additional 50% charges (please refer to website for the updated list).

Data fees will be charged for each retrieval. While the best possible effort to retrieve data from available sources is made (hence the charges), we cannot guarantee data availablity from those sources. Fees may be waived for cases/data that initial assessment indicates are not achievable, at discretion of VCB.

Data bundles discount: 1st and 2nd items full price (higher price items), remaining items are charged at 50%. Items billed per access, subsequent access to data will be subject to additional fees.

^Staging can be either VCB derived or clinical.

*Data are retrieved and verified across Participant questionnaire and EMR where possible to enhance data reliability at our best effort.

#Data are retrieved and verified across Participant questionnaire, EMR and Victorian Cancer Registry where possible to enhance data reliability at our best effort.

The Victorian Cancer Biobank through the Cancer Council Victoria as Lead Agency is supported by the Victorian Government through the Victorian Cancer Agency, a business unit of the Department of Health.

RAP Victorian Cancer Biobank would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we live and work. We would also like to pay respect to the elders past and present and extend that respect to all other Aboriginal people.

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