Clinical trial services

The VCB provides biobanking services to clinical trials as a research infrastructure for advancing medical research. This includes processing, storing and cataloguing collected tissue or blood.

Our biobanking facilities are available at Austin Health, Box Hill Hospital (Eastern Health), Royal Melbourne Hospital, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Monash Medical Centre (Monash Health), and offer multisite or centralised services.

We are delighted to support any individual study or establish a service agreement with a clinical trial centre. Certain non-interventional clinical research may also be supported, and you can contact us to find out more. Refer to our common services or enquire with us to discuss your biospecimen needs.

Other services

The VCB also provides additional services, including Slide Scanning and Tissue Microarray (TMA) construction, among others. For a detailed overview of our offerings, please refer to the cost recovery schedule.

Cost recovery schedule

Administration Services
Item Unit Academic Partner Commercial
Letter of Support per letter  Complementary Complementary Complementary
Project Consultation N/A Enquire Enquire Enquire
Biobanking Consultation N/A Enquire Enquire Enquire
Service Project, Setup Fee  per application $180 $144 $900
Service Amendment Fee per amendment $90 $72 $180
Service Re-Initiation Fee per instance $90 $72 $180
Biospecimen Services
Blood Collection  per collection $84 $67 $168
Blood processing
(Plasma or Serum)
per processing $144 $115 $288
Blood processing
(Buffy Coat)
per processing $168 $134 $336
Blood processing
per processing $240 $192 $480
Blood processing (Plasma+Serum) per processing $180 $144 $360
Blood processing (Plasma+Serum+Buffy Coat) per processing $216 $173 $432
Blood processing (Plasma+Serum+PBMNC) per processing $288 $230 $576
Blood processing (Plasma+Serum+Buffy Coat+PBMNC) per processing $330 $264 $660
Tissue collection per collection $180 $144 $360
Pathology Cut Up Fee per sample $59 $59 $118
Tissue processing (Snap Frozen Tissue) per processing $28 $22 $55
Tissue processing (FFPE/OCT) per processing $34 $27 $67
Tissue processing (Snap Frozen Tissue+FFPE) per processing $60 $48 $120
H&E slide per specimen $14 $11 $21
FFPE Unstained Section per specimen $14 $11 $28
Aperio Scanning  per specimen $8 $7 $17
TMA Construction per block $3,000 $2,400 $6,000
Dispatch (Fresh) per processing $50 $40 $100
Storage (LN) per box per year $84 $67 $168
Storage (Freezer) per box per year $48 $38 $96
Stored Sample Retrieval per item $2 $1 $4
Stored Sample Retrieval  per box $48 $38 $96
Courier per shipping TBD TBD TBD


All quotes are in AUD and exclusive of GST. 

Partner rate applies to partners only (e.g. consortium members), please contact us if you are not sure.

Commercial rate applies to any projects that have direct commercial interest.

Listed pricing are for standard products and services as per description, any customisation subject to feasibility assessment and may attract additional charges (e.g. different blood tubes, different processing protocol).

Full fee may be charged for cancellation of Biospecimen services within 12h where resources have been specfically allocated.

Contact us for services not listed to discuss feasibility.

The Victorian Cancer Biobank through the Cancer Council Victoria as Lead Agency is supported by the Victorian Government through the Victorian Cancer Agency, a business unit of the Department of Health.

RAP Victorian Cancer Biobank would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we live and work. We would also like to pay respect to the elders past and present and extend that respect to all other Aboriginal people.

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