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VCB Specimen Catalogue

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Thank you for your enquiry with the Victorian Cancer Biobank.

As we have recently experienced high staff turnover, your patience would be greatly appreciated as response times may take a week or more before you hear from us. We also suggest that you get as much information ready so we can advise your enquiry more efficiently.

As we are currently experiencing a high volume of projects currently being serviced, please also expect a lead time of 6 months for any new projects.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.


The Victorian Cancer Biobank (VCB) has an extensive collection of human biospecimens of various tumour types, annotated with clinical data such as cancer history, treatment history, lifestyle factors, survival data. The VCB provides a complimentary de-identified Pathology report along with the biospecimens shipped.

Donors by Tumour Stream

Tumour Donor Types

Tumour Donors by Specimen Type

VCB Specimen Catalogue: Real-time Inventory


This catalogue provides an indication of the cohort size available in the VCB inventory, the actual number of cases suitable for your needs will need to be confirmed by the VCB Project Manager.
To further discuss your biospecimen request, please follow the steps below and submit the enquiry form attached to the catalogue.   


       Step 1: Select search criteria: Click on > in the relevant filters. Tick to select the value or type in Search Filter Value. Filters selected can be removed by clicking on X next to the filter name or untick the specific value from the filter.
       Step 2: Add cohort of interest to enquiry cart: Click on the cohort of interest in the search results and click + Add to Cart.
       Step 3: Review specimens: Click on Cart, then click Confirm Request to go to the enquiry form. It is not necessary to complete details in this page.
       Step 4: Submit request: Please complete the enquiry form and click Submit Request

       Once the enquiry form is submitted, the VCB Project Manager will review your request and respond to you within 48 hours. All biospecimen requests will need to follow the VCB application and approval process.

       Click here for information on our privacy policy and collection statement