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The Victorian Cancer Biobank (VCB) consortium consists of six members with Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) as the lead agency. The Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) together with the Management and Operations Group (MOG) provide support, input and guidance to both the strategic and the operational outputs of the VCB. The sample and service provisions of VCB is governed by the Access Committee (AC).


Strategic Advisory Group (SAG)

The role of the Strategic Advisory Group is to provide advice to Victorian Cancer Biobank to guide its strategic direction and priorities to achieve the Mission and Vision of the biobank and to further enable the long term viability and sustainability.

Group Members:
Prof. Melissa Southey, Monash University – Chair
Prof. Geoffrey Lindeman, Melbourne Health – Deputy Chair
A/Prof. Trishe Leong, Austin Health – Consortium Member
Prof. Christopher Gilfillan, Eastern Health – Consortium Member
Assoc. Prof. Beena Kumar, Monash University – Consortium Member
Prof. Stephen Fox, Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute – Consortium Member
Dr. Andrew Brooks, RUCDR Infinite Biologics – International Advisor
Ms. Alison Button-Sloan – Consumer Representative
Mr. Alan Barlee – Consumer Representative
Prof. Jennifer Byrne, NSW Health Pathology; University of Sydney – General Representative
Dr. Glenn Begley, BioCurate – General Representative
Mr. Andrew Gilbert, Bioplatforms Australia – General Representative
Dr. Colleen D’Arcy, The Royal Children’s Hospital – General Representative
Dr. Dayna Swiatek, Department of Health and Human Services – Victorian Cancer Agency Representative
Dr. Wayne Ng, Victorian Cancer Biobank – Lead Agency Representative
Dr. Catherine Shang, Victorian Cancer Registry – Lead Agency Representative


Central Operations Team

The Team consists of the Deputy Director (Victorian Cancer Registry), VCB Manager, Project Manager, and Data Systems Manager that strategically and operationally coordinate the Tissue Bank Sites to work towards achieving high outputs of quality biospecimens to support the research community.


Management and Operations Group (MOG)

The Management and Operations Group of  VCB is formed to provide a forum for the management team to discuss and action on management and operation issues in accordance to the directions from Cancer Council Victoria with the advice from Strategic Advisory Group.

Group Members:
Dr. Wayne Ng, VCB Manager
Dr. Maggie Ling, Data Systems Manager
Position vacant, Project Manager
Ms. Angela Mountain, Austin Health Tissue Bank Manager
Ms. Susan Hume, Eastern Health Tissue Bank Manager
Ms. Leanne Taylor, Melbourne Health Tissue Bank Manager
Ms. Zdenka Prodanovic, Monash Health Tissue Bank Manager
Ms. Samantha Cauberg, Peter MacCallum Tissue Bank Manager


Access Committee (AC)

This committee reviews and collectively decides on whether or not the application submitted meets all ethical and scientific justifications prior to commencement. This committee is made up of scientific and research experts in varying fields and is led by the VCB Manager.