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September 2023

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As World Cancer Research Day is approaching on the 24th September with the theme this year as ‘Integrating diversity, advancing research, and achieving equity’, we celebrate our significant commitment to cancer research through our biobanking infrastructure. The Victorian Cancer Biobank (VCB) is a critical research infrastructure for cancer research and clinical trials. Through strong partnerships with major healthcare providers in Melbourne and across Victoria, VCB enables Victorians affected by cancer to empower research. We continue to create significant impacts to the research community in advancing scientific discoveries and boosting the local

A groundbreaking at home finger-prick blood test to measure patient cancer remission and reoccurrence could revolutionise cancer monitoring. The Victorian Cancer Biobank (VCB), which collects tissue, blood and data for cancer research and clinical trials in Victoria, hopes that this new technology may one day allow us to manage cancer reoccurrence as easily as monitoring blood sugar levels for diabetic patients. "It is estimated that 78 million people globally are currently in cancer remission, and the Cancer Biomarker biosensor test could potentially revolutionise cancer monitoring which is currently only available through a